About us – Feline Be Mine

About us

Feline Be Mine was founded to stop my cat Mango from scratching my furniture.

The Feline Be Mine story began in 2015 when my cat, Mango kept scratching the carpet and leather furniture whenever she was stressed. I didn’t have any space for cat condos or cat trees in our small apartment. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I was going to keep Mango occupied in such a tiny place.

I started looking at other cat scratchers soon after the first few weeks. One option I considered was declawing my cat. I put on my research hat and discovered just how painful it was to declaw cats. I found out declawing cats is almost to equivalent to cutting off your fingers.

I started Feline Be Mine in early 2015. We were in the market for a better product to keep Mango occupied and active, but were frustrated with the type of choices out there. Other cat scratchers were either too expensive or a flat piece of cardboard. That’s why we started Feline Be Mine to offer what we lacked.

And look at us now. Check out our Kitty Couch, which keeps cats scratchy and busy, away from our precious furniture.

We hope you enjoy shopping for Feline Be Mine products through our site. Please drop us a note and let us know how much your cat loves Feline Be Mine.