Cardboard Cat Scratcher Sofa Bed by Feline Be Mine
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Cardboard Cat Scratcher Sofa Bed by Feline Be Mine

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Sofa Bed by Feline Be Mine


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Keep your cat healthy and active with the Cat Scratcher Sofa. Cats scratch and claw at whatever they can to keep their claws healthy and trimmed. Let your cat to claw away at the Kitty Couch. Clawing is a natural, healthy and important behaviour for cats. The Kitty Couch is designed to keep your cat healthy and active. 

Our unique sofa design promotes varied scratching and sleeping positions for your cat. The kitty couch is the perfect alternative to de-clawing and provides a natural scratching surface for your cats to keep their claws healthy. Your cat will scratch the unique surface and claim it as his very own personal place to scratch and hangout. 

Large: Feline Be Mine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch - Kitty Couch Scratching Pad Sofa Bed Protect Furniture Getting Damaged - Kitten Lounger, Sturdy Eco-friendly Design, Catnip Included

Product ID:  760999984025


Small: Feline Be Mine Cardboard Cat Bed Scratcher & Lounger for Cats - Scratching Pad Cat Bed with Cat Nip Cat Lounge

Product ID: 675595916434 



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Because no one likes a shredded couch.


Prevents the Cat Scratcher from being shredded into pieces and reduces the mess for you to clean up. Our scratchers are made with furniture grade cardboard making it tighter and more resistant to cat clawing


Cat Scratchers don't have to be ugly! Our beautiful and attractive modern design makes The Kitty Couch aesthetically pleasing in your home. Doubles as a Scratching pad and a Cat Lounge for your Feline Friend.    


Catnip has a powerful effect on cats who are sensitive to it, turning even the most sedentary couch potato into a flipped-out ball of ecstasy. Choose how much or how little catnip you want for your cat to enjoy with the Kitty Couch

Frequently Asked Questions

⚑ Is there cat nip on the Kitty Couch?
Catnip comes with the Kitty Couch in a separate bag, so you can choose how much or how little catnip you want for your cat

⚑ What kind of cardboard is it made of?
The Kitty Couch is made from Premium Corrugated Cardboard. Denser and More Solid than other Scratchers.

⚑ How big is the cat couch?
The measurements are about 24"x11"x5.5". Big enough for almost any sized cat!

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Cardboard Cat Scratcher Sofa Bed by Feline Be Mine