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Choosing the perfect Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Some pets, cats in particular have the bizarre habit of scratching at things. Furniture and clothing in particular seem to be their favorite. There have been many homes where costly furniture has been rendered useless by cats. It is important to find out ways by which their attention can be diverted elsewhere.

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Keeping Your Cats Off The Furniture

The biggest concern people have with cats is scratching furniture. Many people believe that cats display such behavior for the sheer thrill of destroying a treasured antique or living room sofa. You are probably at your wits end if you live with a cat that has shredded your upholstery, and have abandoned all hope of ever being able to stop your cat from shredding the furniture.

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Four Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps on you

You’re exhausted and had a long day. You change into your night clothes and flop on to the bed and start resting your eyes, until you feel your feline friend’s paw against your back. She claims your back as her bed and now you’re in an awkward position considering what to do next. Cat Lovers know that this is pretty common behaviour, but why do cats like to lay on your chest or lap?

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