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Five insider tips for first time cat owners!

If you haven't owned a pet before and thinking about getting your own cat you may be a bit scared or worry. You make lists and lists of things to prepare you for your new feline friend, but still don't feel prepared. Many first time owners don't really know when they first get a cat. Here are some advice not many first time cat owners know until it's too late.

  • Provide plenty of stimulation so they do not get bored. If you get a kitten, kitten-proof your home. You don't need to go crazy with it, just realize that even things up high are not safe and remove the breakables. Also be wary of wires. My cats have chewed through many pairs of headphones and charger cords. When they were kittens, they were climbing all over and under everything, so it was exhausting.
  • Develop a training routine with them. A recommendation is to train your cats to a specific noise you make so if they do something wrong, make that noise and they quit immediately. But for the most part, as long as boundaries are set, they know better. Just depends how strict you wanna be with them (letting them up on counters, etc.)
  • Kittens love to knock things off all the time and they think eye contact is usually a sign of threat. The easiest way to communicate to your cat "Hey, I'm friendly" is just to blink slowly.


  • Cat's love eating Roast Chicken - Just make sure to remove the bone. 

  • Above all, keep them entertained. The more entertained, the less destructive. My cats both have claws so I keep tons of scratching posts and pads around.

What did you think of our tips? What are some things new cat owners should know before adopting a kitten? Post and share your comments below.

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  • Nancy

    Don’t declaw! It’s inhumane. Of course they feel pain when no matter what age the cats are.

  • Terry

    If you declaw your Kitten while it’s young, it won’t feel as much pain if you we’re to declaw it when it’s older.

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