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7 Tips to Keep your Indoor Cats Happy

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7 tips to keep your indoor cat happy


7 Tips for a Happy Indoor Cat you didn’t know about

Not everyone has a wide open yard with all the time in the world to supervise their cats. For cats that are kept indoors with no access to the outside world, it’s essential to keep them engaged and stimulated within their own homes. Below are some feline tips for your cat to have a fulfilling life.

Spay and Neuter your cats. They'll be happier, cleaner, and much more well-behaved - not to mention you'll be doing your part to avoid contributing to the overpopulation crisis. Spaying helps prevent urine infections and breast tumours which are cancerous in about 90% of cats.

Maintain a normal schedule/routine. If you have more than a couple of cats or often work late, consider getting a feeding station so everyone can have fresh food when they want it. Why should they eat on my schedule? do things at roughly the same time every day, and stick to a schedule. they operate their entire lives off their schedule, and will be more reasonable if you are consistent with doing their stuff. feed them at the same time, water gets changed on the same days, whatever. they expect things to happen at particular times. 

Full cats are relaxed and happy cats. While grain-free wet food is preferable for health reasons (especially male cats), you can get specially formulated grain-free dry foods that won't cause overweight or other health problems.

Keep the Cat Area Clean. Clean the litterbox, sweep the floor, and put out fresh food, treats and water every morning before you leave for work, and once again when you get home: a firm routine like this is the least you can do to make their lives better. The best place the trash your cat’s business is not in your kitchen or bathroom trashcans. It’s the outdoor bin that wait’s for Friday afternoon’s garbage truck.

Keep the Cat Lounge warm during the cold months. If it's chilly, put a small space heater in front of their kitty couch: they'll love it! Cats love warmth and love lounging around in the warmth. If you don’t believe us check out the video below!

Keep your Cat active and engaged with cat toys. Cat’s usually go bonkers when they see the little red laser light. Laser points can frustrate cats, overstimulate them and either lead to depression or aggressive play with other playmates. 

Laser users point at the ground randomly only to turn them off once the cat chases after them. Certain of a successful catch, they look under their paws only to see nothing. In turn, your cats are often left frustrated without the satisfaction of capturing there prey. If you play with a laser pointer, be sure to let them "catch and eat" the dot every once in awhile.

cat chasing laser pointer

The best toys to use for this type of play are pole-type toys. Pulling the cat wand away from the cat stimulates quick movement that imitates movements of prey. Good techniques involve encouraging kitties to catch the toy so they don’t become discouraged and frustrated. Check out our Cat Wand Deluxe - Cat Box Toy Collection.

cat wand deluxe

What do you think of our list? Comment below and share some tips and tricks in handling and caring for your feline friends?

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  • Edward

    Slowly blinking at cats says “I’m comfortable around you” and is a show of contentment and non hostility.
    They also usually blink back.

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