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7 Ways You're Stressing Your Cat Out Without Realizing It

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Once you have committed yourself to taking care of a cat or any other pet, it essential that you take the responsibility of providing them with all the care they need for them to live a stress-free and happy life. Oftentimes, doing this can be more challenging, but it’s worth the effort since a stressed cat might present more challenges than benefits. When are cats stressed, they may portray some behavioral problems like peeing under the kitchen, lack of appetite, excessive grooming, less interaction with family members, and may even become more aggressive. We all want our cats to feel happy always, but more often than not our actions may be causing them more stressed than we can ever imagine. As a matter of fact, here are the 7 ways you may be stressing your cat out without realizing it. 

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  1. Inconsistent meal times

Consistency and the love of food are the two things that every cat likes; pet cats feels very susceptible to stress when it comes to food since they don’t have the opportunity to go out and hunt for food. Setting a consistent feeding timetable and sticking to it may help you cat feel more confident that she will not starve to death. Mostly, inconsistent meal times will make her worry about the next meal causing a lot of stress. 

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  1. Leaving your cat alone

It’s indeed true that cats are impartially independent. That’s why in many situations humans tend to leave their cats alone for a long time, especially when they are out for family vacations or when they have very busy work schedules. Cats feel lonely, under-stimulated, and more worried regarding whether or not someone will refill their food dish when it is exhausted, especially when we leave them alone. So, if you know that you will not be around for some time, look for a cat sitter who will stay with your cat cuddling together, playing and talking to your cat in your absence to avoid causing a lot of stress to your cat. 

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  1. Dirty Litter Box

Cats are exceptionally particular about their litter box condition; there are some box-related factors that may create some stress to your cat. You should ensure that you scoop the box daily to respect the senses of your cat. The location of your cat’s box also matters, make sure that the box should be in an accessible area and in a quiet place, to avoid causing a lot of stress. 

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  1. Sending mixed signals

Sending mixed signals about inappropriate and appropriate behavior may make your cat become more stressed. For example, when you wiggle your fingers around when playing then get dismayed and warning them when they gnaw. You can defend your cat against a lot of stress by respecting and understanding the instincts that make cats do what they do.

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  1. Unnatural Scents

Cats have extremely perfected senses of smell, which they use to navigate and understand their environment such as knowing if their predators are nearby. Strong smelling artificial scents such as scented candles, perfumes, cleaning products among others can stress your cat because they tend to interfere with your cat’s sense of smell. For you to avoid causing a lot of stress to your cat you should avoid the use of artificial scents in your home. 

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  1. A loud and chaotic home

A loud and very chaotic home makes your cat feel like she is in danger, and hence the need to be defensive, therefore, making her feel so stressful. If you know that your home will be loud during a birthday celebration or new visiting guest, perhaps you should make sure you create a safe room for your cat so that she will not be able to feel or see any foot traffic that often cause her a lot of stress. If you care about your cat’s happiness, you must also ensure that the place you have made for her is peaceful enough and complete with your cat’s favorite food, bed, litter box, water, toys and a scratching post to keep her busy and stress-free. 

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  1. Not respecting their boundaries

The mindset of your domestic cat is just like that of a wild ancestor that is living in a precarious balance between the prey and the hunter, even when she is still safe and cared for in your home. If you have been paying attention to your cat’s behavior, you may have noticed that she is always aware of his environment and ready to fight for her at a moment's notice. Cats want to be in control of itself for her to feel safe, so when you grab her head or go on holding her when she starts to pull away may cause her a lot of stress. 

Did any of these surprise you? Do your cats act strange when they are stressed out? Post below and share your stories.

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7 ways you're stressing your cat with out realizing it

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