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Four Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps on you

Cat sleeping

Why does my cat sleep on me?

You’re exhausted and had a long day. You change into your night clothes and flop on to the bed and start resting your eyes, until you feel your feline friend’s paw against your back. She claims your back as her bed and now you’re in an awkward position considering what to do next.

Cat Lovers know that this is pretty common behaviour, but why do cats like to lay on your chest or lap?

1. Warmth

Cat following sunlight

You have probably notice your cat hanging out on the one spot in your living room that shines sunlight. Cat’s love warm places and since she can’t find any natural sunlight at night, your cat has to find another way for warmth. It’s also far more comfortable for your cat to sprawl across your chest than on the hard floor.

2. Your Cat Adores You

Your cat is home all day and trying to find ways to amuse herself. When you return from home from a long day all she wants to do is stay with you. You might notice that your cat acts excited to see you after going long periods of time without seeing them. Head-butting, purring and affectionate contact are all signs of your cat showing admiration. You can show your affection by scratching her head and behind her ears while they drift off to sleep.

3. Security

There is no better feeling for your cat than to curl up and snuggle with their owner. Apart from comfort, she feels safe being close to you. The natural scents of your body also helps your cat feel secure as they associates it with the companionship and safety you provide them. 

4. Comfort

Your house cats can sleep almost anywhere they like, whether it’s on a stack of folded blankets, your clean laundry or even their own Kitty Couch. The average cat spends about 15 hours a day sleeping and lofting around the house. You can see why your warm heat between the sheets makes it one of the coziest places to sleep at home.

Cats are affectionate and social animals and just like you and me like being in the company of others. Where does your Cat usually sleep? Do you let her sleep on your bed? Post below and share your stories.


  • Morgan

    My baby likes to sleep pretty close to my neck while I’m lying down, and when I’m on my computer I hum along with the music. I have adopted a tendency this year of staying up late and he made it a whole lot less lonesome when I brought him home less than a month ago. Needless to say, I love him to bits.

  • Cay

    My boy only lays on me when I’m on the couch never the bed he’ll sleep close by but not to close. My girl never around except in the early morning to kneed my face and leave or sometimes to lay over my face but always wants me to pick her up when I’m up and/or walking around. No idea with these two.

  • angel

    My wrangler loves to sleep on my chest purring pawing and sweet meow as we talk ourselves to sleep on

  • angel

    My wrangler loves to sleep on my chest purring pawing and sweet meow as we talk ourselves to sleep on

  • Carolyn

    My Milo sleeps under the quilt or right beside my head-Jacky (orange cat) never sleeps with me but is sure to wake at 430 AM for food-I also have Belle (dog) who has to be under the quilt half laying on me—-: love them all

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