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Why is your Cute Little Cat Meowing so Much at Night?

Cat meowing at night

Introduction to Cats and their Meowing:

Believe it or not, but there is a long list of reasons as to why a cat meows; it is mainly for them to vocalize in one way or another. For example, they use to it to talk to each other as well as to us, their owners. When it comes to a mother cat, they meow to reach out to their kittens and to us they meow to let us know that they need food, water, attention or that even their litter box needs to be cleaned out. If you have more than one cat you may notice that they tend to play hide and seek with each other; when they do this they will meow to let each other know where they are located at. Just like they will meow if there is a threat to their territory or when two males cats are about to fight each other for a female cat.

One of the most important things you can do for your amazing little furry friend is give them a ton of companionship; the more that they are loved than the more they will love you. Cats may be a handful, but they are well worth it and they will always make you happy. However, when it comes to night-time you may notice that they meow even more than normal; cats meow more at night because this is when they are more active. Some of the reasons that are mentioned above are probably why they are making noise when you are sleeping, but below are other reasons as to why they could be meowing at night.

Reasons for your Cat meowing at Night:

Cats are actually nocturnal by nature which is why they are more active at night. When they meow at night it is also known as night calling, night-time calling, and night vocalization. There are a lot of reasons as to why your cat could be doing and they are mentioned below. They include the following of:

  • Your cat could be disturbed by something that they see or even hear outside.
  • He or she could be insecure for some reason.
  • They may suffer from cognitive dysfunction syndrome, which is also known as CDS, this is something that causes them to have physical distress.
  • If your kitten is newly adopted than it could be because they are not used to the new territory or being alone; they are simply just going to need some time to get use to all of the new things.
  • If you adopted an older cat than it can also be due to being lonely; in the shelter they are used to having other felines around them at all times.
  • Your cat could be going deaf or hard of hearing so they will meow very loudly to make sure that they know that you can hear them.
  • If you have always had more than one cat and one has passed on than the other cats will meow a lot at night to try and find them; missing them will be all that is on their mind and it will take them a while to get over them being gone.
  • Your cat may have accidentally wandered into a bedroom, closet, appliance or something else that they have got locked into and will meow non-stop until; they get saved and are released.

Solutions to Making Life Easier with your Night Calling Kitty Cat:

There are actually several different things that you can do to help with making your cat more comfortable at night and to ensure that you will get your full night of sleep again. Some of top suggestions and most used ideas are as follows:

  • Play a short game of fetch with your cat; choose a toy that has some catnip in it, catnip tends to make the majority of cats sleepy and running around playing fetch helps to wear them out as well. Our Cat Wand Deluxe is an excellent alternative to keep your cat active with a replaceable target and five separate cat toys.
  • You could put a radio on where they sleep at night; put it on a station that plays classical music or music that is very soft and easy to listen to. This can help soothe them all throughout the night, especially when they are lonely.
  • If you have a cat that is really bad with night calling, then you can try getting a baby monitor; put the receiver end in the cat's bed and the other end on your nightstand; when you hear them meow you can soothe them with your voice.
  • If you have a cat that has CDS, or otherwise known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome, they may wake up in the middle of the night. To help get them reorientated you should put at least one or two nightlights around the house so they can see and be more comfortable about everything.
  • You could move your cat into your room and let them sleep near you for comfort. Get them there own Kitty Couch, so they have there own place to claim their own.
  • Give them a small towel or even a blanket to sleep with; the extra warmth can provide them comfort as well to help get them to sleep all through the night.

Conclusion to Night-Calling for your Cat:

Overall, taking care of your cat is like taking care of a little kid; it is a part of your family. You may not know the exact reason as to why your cat is meowing at night, but it doesn't hurt to get them checked out by your vet. If there is no exact medical reason as to why they are night-calling than be sure to try to not give into them every time when they are doing it. This is highly suggested because if they know that you will come to them every time than they will just keep doing it to get your attention. Make a note that older cats are more prone to night-calling and with them they simply want to know that their owner is still around for them and that they are not left alone.

You should never punish your cat for meowing or trying to get your attention; this can actually cause them to become more insecure and worsen their behavioral issues. All they really need in the end is some pure attention. Love and a ton of toys to play with and they will be just perfectly fine!

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